What We Offer:


About the Sensei:

The Sensei of the institute is the only martial arts trainer in the whole of the country who has the distinction of having learnt eight out the most popular ten forms of martial arts. The Sensei of the institute offers courses in all the ten forms of the martial arts and where he is the personal trainer for the eight that he proficiently knows.

Well travelled and learnt from the masters:

The sensei and his team of coaches are well travelled and have learnt the art from the masters of martial arts themselves from the Shaolin Monastery and the other oriental martial arts institutes.

Certification from the Chinese university of martial arts:

The Academy provides short and long courses based on the needs of the students. The short courses are for a minimum period of six months and the longest period of study is up to five years.The Academy follows the residential form of teaching which provides that the students learning any one or more forms of martial arts must take up residences inside the academy’s campus. The hostel facility provided includes well co ordinate meals and nutritional care after a thorough medical test of the student by the dedicated medical team present.The certification is given by the academy in collaboration with the best Oriental institutes of Martial arts and guaranteed placement to the most deserving students is also undertaken by the Academy.

We have tie ups with schools and colleges:

Our students have taken up place of pride at various competitions around the world and are placed as trainers in their respective mastery in schools and colleges. Some of the students have been absorbed by the Film industry where they work along with the most creative minds in the direction field.

If you have the passion to learn martial arts, we have the platform to teach you!